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Imagine you can turn invisible but can't see while you're invisible. Or you are the strongest person in the world but can't lift anything under 100 pounds.
You are a Super Flaw -- a person with a superpower that is useless because of a flaw that blocks the power. Or is your superpower actually useless?
When the Evil Villonus captures the world's superheroes, only the Super Flaws can save them. Will they be able to pull together to make up for each other's flaws before it's too late?
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EJ - Mission


"In 2014, a lifelong friend and I both had sons, born a month apart. Very sadly, his son was born without a full Pulmonary Artery. He underwent a number of surgeries. His strength and lively personality touched countless people; they were reminders of the simultaneous resilience and frailty of the human body. Tragically, EJ did not make it to his 2nd birthday.


My friend, Ed Roco, and his wife, Nicole Lareau Roco, were able to focus 100% on their son and family because Ronald McDonald House took care of all their accommodations, food, and a number of other items, often even making meals. I've wanted to do something meaningful for the charity and other families ever since.

I set out on a mission to:

  1. Find a delivery method for Super Flaws that would enable me to donate a significant amount of the proceeds to children's charities that operate on a global scale.

    • A book or ebook wouldn't do that--publishing, printing, retail requirements, shipping, digital protection, made the prospect too expensive.

  2. Add components to the book to make it more engaging for kids to read or hear, especially boys, who tend to struggle more with such engagement when first reading, as well as all kids in the face of addictive technology.

  3. Release the story in memory of EJ." - Author Ian Coburn




Donation/Cost Breakdown

Donation/Cost Breakdown

  • A % to children's charities that operate on a global scale, email me for full details, which can't be shared on this site due to laws and regulations

  • 10% to Ellen Marcus (the story's amazing illustrator)

  • 2.9% + $0.30 to PayPal (transaction fee)

  • 50 - 64.1% to Operations (web, salary, etc)

  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 4.4% + Country Fee

Why it's Possible to Donate

  • The digital, non-ebook format means there aren't charges for:

    • Printing​

    • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

    • Shipping

    • Digital Security

    • Coding for Device (Kindle, NOOK, etc)

    • Retail Distribution

      • Retailers pay 40-60% of the retail price of a book​

      • This is why retailers can put books on sale for up to 30% off the retail price​​​​

I simply take these savings and donate them to children's charities that operate on a global scale, as well as pay my incredibly talented illustrator extra (on top of what she was paid to do the work, which wasn't worthy of her talent). I feel these are much better ways to spend the money and hope you do, too. You may email me to learn more about the charities.



  • Please donate $10 (or any amount you desire; $10 is the suggestion) by clicking the button below. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

  • Using an honor system for donation, enables me to:

    • Keep the cost to $10 -- less expensive than a book​

    • Donate a % of every donation $10 or more to children's charities

  • Please visit "EJ - Mission" and "Donation Details" to learn about EJ and why I released Super Flaws in his memory, as well as why I donate, in his memory to children's charities. You may email me to learn more about which charities.

The Author


Ian Coburn toured as a comedian throughout the 90's, has written 4 screenplays for hire, as well as a couple of business books, and 3 books (2 sequels forthcoming) in the "Super Flaws" series. His works publish under "GPA Training, Inc."


Ian is a husband and father of 3 children. He originally created "Super Flaws" as a story for his nephews and nieces. Later, he wrote it as a screenplay, where it won an international screenwriting contest.

Ian works building training and talent development programs for companies and individuals. He is a soft skills expert, who speaks often on sales, customer service, and leadership. His goal is to help others achieve theirs, and to entertain.

You may email Ian here.

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